Producing Passion for Plants.

Plants are amazing things really, and not just because the world as we know it hinges on them. There’s so much more to plants than biology and botany.

Sure, they produce nearly all the oxygen on the planet and are a great source of food and healing, but there’s something else about plants. Something more personal. Plants are also an experience. They can bring joy and peace or they can simply brighten your day. They add spice and vibrancy to life and grant us the simple, unmatchable pleasure of growing something.


We believe there’s a plant lover in all of us. From seasoned horticulturists to landless urbanites, there is something for all ages, offering us a way to connect with something real, alive and more meaningful than schedules and gadgets.

A lifetime spent in the horticulture industry has revealed the need to re-tell the story of plants in a world that increasingly looks to the manufactured for fulfillment. Our lives are busy and full of distractions, and under the guise of connectivity we can actually become more isolated.

We want to connect people to plants by introducing them to great products with great stories. We will nurture the novice and cultivate the connoisseur, connecting people in a way that grows an exciting culture and community around plants.

Whether they are rooted in everything around you, or blossom on the periphery, plants make our lives better. They add something indispensable, and Redbud wants to be a part of that. We want you to plant a little passion in your life.


To unleash the inner plant lover in all of us.


We see plants rooted in North American culture, enriching lives, an industry and the planet.