Earning maximum returns
one square foot at a time.

Marketing outdoor plants has always been a challenge; starting with the fact that you have a brief seasonal window in which to make a play for hearts, minds and dollars.

Redbud understands that you need the best products out there – and you need them when the timing is right. We help you to hit the sweet spot – when you succeed, we succeed.


Good retailing tells a story. It’s probably because we love plants that we think everybody should – that’s only natural. But to share our passion effectively in today’s marketplace, we have to both Show and Tell. The best retailing draws the customer in and then rewards their interest. Redbud understands the importance of capturing an audience with clean compelling packaging, tags, fixtures and signage that tells a story.

Things have changed. Like it or not, gardening and landscaping have become outdoor decorating. Will she spend her money on a Lamp or a Lamium? Both purchases will be judged by the same criteria – “Is this for me?” Redbud knows that a good branding strategy connects products to what motivates a purchase. Our assets include colour, fragrance, the irresistible urge to touch something living, and the desire for a safer cleaner home for our families and friends. We all know that plants are wonderful things – at Redbud we love to tell their story. Our communication is clear, informative, and a valuable asset for both customers and seasonal staff alike.


Retailing is always by the numbers. We all know that the best programs in your store succeed because they fit your image, your market, and they earn their place. Our repeat customers let us know that our products earn the square footage they’re given. Compact, well-presented, and profitable – it’s a good combination of attributes. With balanced price-points and interesting mixes - our value equation comes through. We don’t like regrets – we like re-orders!

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